The following group values have been developed over time and are updated periodically as necessary:



RESPECT - Respect yourself and the others. Be on time and ready to start when we begin. Follow the example of the group leader.

SILENCE - No talking unless necessary. Avoid drawing attention to yourself.

FOCUS - Concentrate 100% on each activity. Seek to avoid distraction.

DISCIPLINE - Take your practice seriously. Apply 100% of your available energy to the effort.

KINDNESS - Intentional infliction of injury is prohibited. Take special care when working with a partner. 

SIMPLICITY - If it's too complicated, there are more chances for failure. Keep it simple.

​HUMILITY - Be humble about your triumphs and failures. No one of us is more important than another.

​​RESPONSIBILITY - Act responsibly both inside and outside of the group.

ENJOYMENT - Seek to enjoy your practice to make it a lifelong habit.


Drink water before, during and after practice. Bring a water bottle.

Use the restroom before practice begins.


No chewing gum during practice.


Do not eat a big meal right before practice.

Be reasonably neat and clean.

Remove rings, sharp/dangling jewelry and empty your pockets.

If you are sick or are not feeling well, stay home until you are well.


Inform the group leader before practice if you will be participating with an injury.

Inform the group leader if you are not feeling well during practice.

Inform the group leader before leaving practice.

Inform the group leader if you are having any problem during practice.