Founding of Shinbikai and original logo

The Shinbikai was formed in 2000 as an association of karate schools dedicated to the practice and proliferation of the Art of Karate.


Over the years, the Shinbikai expanded to include members who practice other martial arts. Today we are a close association of practitioners who come together regularly to share and expand upon our martial arts knowledge. At times we invite guest instructors from other martial traditions to share knowledge with us, in addition to sharing our various arts amongst ourselves, which include but are not limited to: karate, kempo, kuntao, tai chi, kickboxing/mma, various martial arts weapons ("traditional" and padded for sparring), and more.  We also act as a "sanctioning body" for ranks issued by our member schools, as follows:

Shinbikai Ranking System updated August 2022


1st through 5th degrees awarded at the decision of the individual schools and teachers as certified by the Shinbikai. Ranks beyond 5th degree are honorary and are awarded in the designated year beyond 5th degree by the Shinbikai. 



1st degree - 4 years minimum – Black Belt

2nd degree - 6 years minimum – Black Belt

3rd degree - 10 years minimum – Black Belt/Red Stripe

4th degree - 16 years minimum – Black Belt/Red Stripe

5th degree - 24 years minimum – Black Belt/Red Stripe



6th Degree - 6 years after 5th (min 30) – Black Belt/Gold Stripe

7th Degree - 12 years after 5th (min 36) – Black Belt/Gold Stripe

8th Degree - 20 years after 5th (min 44) – Black Belt/Gold Stripe

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