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You will have the opportunity to learn the following karate kata in class:

I-hon Kata

Basic breathing/dynamic tension kata from Masaru Shintani.

Chonan Kata


Basic "hands" kata from Masaru Shintani.

Kick Kata

Basic "feet" kata from C.M. Bookwalter/Tom Handest.


Four Point Shuto

"Point" form, probably taught to Tom Handest by Willem Reeders.

Pinan Shodan

Tom Handest version of Shotokan Heian Shodan

12 Point Kata

Form from Robert Trias Shuri-Ryu

Heian 4

Tom Handest Version of Heian Yondan

Bassai Dai

An older "Tomari-te/Shuri-te" kata. Shotokan version.



Chonan Shodan

Kata from Akira Kitagawa/Masaru Shintani. I-hon kata and Chonan kata probably created from this kata by Masaru Shintani.



One of the oldest fundamental karate kata. Motobu Ryu version.



One of the oldest fundamental karate kata. Uechi Ryu version.



Pinan 1234 and 5



This kata series was developed in the early 1900's by Itosu Anko for the introduction of karate into the public school system. The Pinan series is taught throughout the world in many forms and is arguably the most widely practiced kata series. Wado Ryu. Here are some videos of Sensei Kevin doing them around 2001: P1, P2, P3, P4, P5.



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