Our goal is to provide an enjoyable, repeatable practice that sustains health and wellness over the course of a lifetime. In the conclusion to his excellent new book "Exercised", Professor Daniel E. Lieberman offers the following simple advice:


1. Make exercise necessary and fun.

2. Do mostly cardio, but also some weights.

3. Some is better than none.

4. Keep it up as you age.

This advice matches very nicely with our mission and practice!

*     *     *


You are not required to learn the material outlined, rather, the material is available for you to learn.



___ "Stances" (Front, Back, Cat, Square)

___ "Mobility" (4 direction stepping, Un-do)

___ "Giving" (straight punch, reverse punch, hook punch, uppercut, overhand, back fist, hammer fist, palm, elbow, front kick, side kick, cut kick, back kick, crescent kick, stomp kick, knee, etc.)

___ "Receiving" (evasion, parrying, blocking, trapping, throwing)

___ "Falling, Rolling and Rising"

And the "fun" freestyle stuff where you get to use what you've learned:

___ Complementary Sparring

___ Chanbara


Notes on "Giving":

1) Power equals mass plus a structured tool plus speed.

2) Forward motion.

3) Circular motion.

4) Rising/dropping motion.

5) Practice the techniques both individually and in combinations.

​Notes on "Receiving":

1) Evasion is moving so that you avoid or minimize an attack.

2) Parrying is redirecting an attack.

3) Blocking is covering a more vulnerable body part with a less vulnerable body part to absorb/disperse an attack.

4) Trapping/Controlling is catching and immobilizing an attack and/or an attacker.

5) Throwing is off-balancing, destabilizing, removing the base.



See the Kata Page



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