Practice hard and learn the basic curriculum of the school, become role models to the other students. No matter how skilled, one should aspire to humility and avoid arrogance.​



___ "Stances" (Front, Back, Cat, Square)

___ "Mobility" (4 direction stepping, Un-do)

___ "Giving Hands" (straight punch, reverse punch, hook punch, uppercut, overhand, back fist, hammer fist, palm, elbow)


___ "Giving Feet" (front kick, side kick, cut kick, back kick, crescent kick, stomp kick, knee)

___ "Receiving" (evasion, parrying, blocking, trapping, throwing)

___ "Boxing Hands" (jab, cross, hook, uppercut)

___ "Falling and Rising"


Notes on "Giving":

1) Power equals mass behind structured tool plus speed.

2) Forward motion.

3) Circular motion.

4) Rising/dropping motion.

​Notes on "Receiving":

1) Evasion is moving so that you avoid or minimize an attack.

2) Parrying is redirecting an attack.

3) Blocking is covering a more vulnerable body part with a less vulnerable body part to absorb/disperse an attack.

4) Trapping/Controlling is catching and immobilizing an attack and/or an attacker.

5) Throwing is off-balancing, destabilizing, removing the base.



FIRST DEGREE (Practical Mastery)

___ Minimum 4 years training

___ Demonstrate entire Curriculum at a Practical Level

___ Demonstrate Selected Kata



SECOND DEGREE (Technical Mastery)


All prior requirements plus:


___ Minimum 2 years training after First Degree

___ Demonstrate the Curriculum at a Technical Level

___ Demonstrate Selected Kata

THIRD DEGREE (Professional Mastery)

All prior requirements plus:

___ Minimum 4 years training after Second Degree

___ Demonstrate the Curriculum at a Professional Level

___ Demonstrate Selected Kata



All prior requirements plus:

___ Minimum 4 years training after Third Degree

___ Teach the Curriculum

___ Demonstrate Selected Kata


FIFTH DEGREE (Teacher of Teachers)

All prior requirements plus:

___ Minimum 8 years training after Fourth Degree

___ Continue Teaching the Curriculum

___ Demonstrate Selected Kata


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