The following is an outline of basic skills, the details will be learned in class:


___ Class purpose and values

___ Awareness

___ Avoidance

___ Escape


___ "Boxing Feet"

___ Karate Stances


1) Feet about shoulder width apart, left or right foot forward.

2) Hand up elbows down.

3) Unlock knees, weight on the balls of the feet.



___ Hands

___ Forearms

___ Elbows

___ Knees

___ Shins

___ Feet


1) Power equals mass behind structured tool plus speed.

2) Forward motion.

3) Circular motion.

4) Rising/dropping motion.

Interactive Exercises:

___ Arm Toughening

___ Pad and Kick Shield

___ "Boxing hands" jab, cross, hook, uppercut


1) One person learns how to provide targets while the other person learns how to hit targets.

2) Start slowly, gradually add speed as you become more advanced.

3) Practice single targets and combinations.


___ Evasion

___ Parrying

___ Blocking

___ Trapping


1) Evasion is moving so that you avoid or minimize an attack.

2) Parrying is redirecting an attack.

3) Blocking is covering a more vulnerable body part with a less vulnerable body part to absorb/disperse an attack.

4) Trapping/Controlling is catching and immobilizing an attack and/or an attacker.

Interactive Exercises:

___ Evade/Parry/Block/Trap - individual and combinations

​___ Free Sparring (complementary)


___ Self Protection


1) Start with single prearranged techniques, targets and defenses and build up to multiple freestyle techniques, targets and defenses.

2) One person designated to practice offensive while the other person designated to practice defensive moves.

3) Practice with and without gloves.

4) Start slowly, gradually add speed as you become more advanced.

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