Practice hard and learn the basic curriculum of the school, become role models to the other students. No matter how skilled, one should aspire to humility and avoid arrogance.​



___ "Stances" (Front, Back, Cat, Square)

___ "Mobility" (4 direction stepping, Un-do)

___ "Giving Hands" (straight punch, reverse punch, hook punch, uppercut, overhand, back fist, hammer fist, palm, elbow)


___ "Giving Feet" (front kick, side kick, cut kick, back kick, crescent kick, stomp kick, knee)

___ "Receiving" (evasion, parrying, blocking, trapping, throwing)

___ "Boxing Hands" (jab, cross, hook, uppercut)

___ "Falling, Rolling and Rising"


Notes on "Giving":

1) Power equals mass behind structured tool plus speed.

2) Forward motion.

3) Circular motion.

4) Rising/dropping motion.

​Notes on "Receiving":

1) Evasion is moving so that you avoid or minimize an attack.

2) Parrying is redirecting an attack.

3) Blocking is covering a more vulnerable body part with a less vulnerable body part to absorb/disperse an attack.

4) Trapping/Controlling is catching and immobilizing an attack and/or an attacker.

5) Throwing is off-balancing, destabilizing, removing the base.



See the Kata Page


Our school originally awarded five color belts, three black belts, and a teacher designation. Over the years our recognition system expanded and contracted, as we wrestled with its meaning and necessity. Today we no longer use belts or uniforms, preferring modern exercise clothes with no rank insignia.


There are essentially three "levels" of students, but the levels are more a natural progression or continuum than anything else, which looks like this: student --> student becoming a teacher --> teacher. Students should aspire to be teachers, and teachers should aspire to be students. 

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