Martial arts have become a commonplace activity in our society. There are opportunities everywhere to study a wide variety of martial arts, and unlimited information on worldwide martial arts practice is available on YouTube and other internet platforms.

In the not-so-distant past, this was not the case. Good sources of martial arts information were hard to find, and good martial arts teachers were few and far between. As a result, people who were interested in martial arts would often travel long distances each week for the opportunity to study with a competent, knowledgeable teacher, and many started their own small classes while still learning.

Our martial arts group began in a small town in Pennsylvania in this very manner, in the late 1950s. Many of the techniques and exercises that we have inherited date back to that time, and while some of them are quite common and recognizable, others have become uncommon. In addition, we have worked the stuff for over 40 years, so we may have an insight or two to share.

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Martial arts exist thanks to the students who practice, and the teachers who practice and teach, year in and year out, through both easy and hard times. We appreciate our members, and we continue to practice and teach in the hope that others will learn and benefit from the practice of martial arts as we have.

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